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Afternoon Light

Where All Is Brought To Light

a poetry collection


Published July 2023 by Heather A. Grant
ISBN 979-8-218-95119-l
Paperback, 92 pages

“Floating mid-heaven,/your silver body glows,/…by dawn a tangerine globe shimmering,/whisper,/
This is why I woke you” from “Conversation with the Moon”

In her debut poetry collection, Where All Is Brought To Light, Heather Grant shares her observations, conversations, and mystical experiences in and with the natural world.

She writes of a lone cardinal on a snowy branch; a gigantic oak shimmering green at night; towers of monsoon dust a mile high; an ancient banyan tree filled with tiny island birds; a lunar eclipse seen from the porch; a walk with Sequoias; night rainbows.

The poems in this collection are drawn from Ms. Grant’s experiences in the varied landscapes of
Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Virginia. They invite us to pay attention to the fierce and exquisite
beauty of the natural world.

Available on and through bookstores (after September 30, 2024)

“Heather Grant has a gorgeous ability to create a cradle of words in which the reader may rest, reflect, marvel, and experience gratitude. I loved this book.”

Monica Wood, author of The One-in-a-Million Boy, When We Were the Kennedys

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