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Afternoon Light

Where All Is Brought To Light

a poetry collection


Available on, July 1, 2023


Chasing the Shadow, Enfolded in Your Embrace 

by Heather A. Grant

Light to See By

with Alshaa T. Rayne and Patrice Wilson

Journals and Anthologies

Blueline, Bulletin of the American Dahlia Society, Cypress Review, Hawaii Pacific Review, Spillway, Sufi Journal;
Mothers at Home, Inc: Motherhood: Journey into Love; Main Street Rag: Voices from the Porch; The Word Works: Whose Woods These Are 



Canal Street Gallery, Washington D.C. 

Divergent Arts Poetry Series and People's Poetry Festival, Phoenix, AZ

Publication Celebration of Light to See By, Honolulu, HI

Stacey's Coffee House, Falls Church, VA with Irish singer/guitarist Connie McKenna

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